Fishing in Dubrovnik – All you need to know

Dubrovnik has a reputation of being among the best saltwater fishing grounds in the Croatia. With a range of trophy species there’s also the spectacular beauty of the islands and its surroundings.

The Croatian coast of the Adriatic is adorned with the clear blue sea, wooded coastline and about 1244 islands. The southernmost part of Croatia, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the city of Dubrovnik abound in remains of shipwrecks, so that this part of the Croatian coast is more and more often a target of both recreational and professional fisherman. In close vicinity to Dubrovnik there are several shipwrecks, the attractive Elaphiti Islands, Old City Walls and the coral colonies in some places.

Located on the south coast of the Adriatic Sea, this beautiful town offers some incredible fishing opportunities, mostly because of its deep waters. Sea around Dubrovnik provides ideal fishing spots from 80 (262 ft) to 140 metres (460 ft) of depth.

As one of the clearest and shallowest seas in Europe, the species that call these waters home are varied and perfect for recreational fishing. The Adriatic Sea is usually calm, without strong tides, making it perfect for beginners as well as more experienced anglers.

Best fishing spots near Dubrovnik

People who go fishing in Dubrovnik choose Elaphiti Islands (Kalamota/Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, …), Grebeni reef, Lokrum Island, Sv. Andrija Island and Mljet Island.

The islands can offer fantastic conditions for Dubrovnik small game & big game fishing both away and near the shore.

The inshore reefs and shallow water near them are also ideal for catching terrific fish.


Dubrovnik has a borderline humid subtropical (Cfa) and Mediterranean climate (Csa), with stabile temperatures and that`s why fishing in Dubrovnik is always great. Though experienced anglers single out the best period from April to November. The sea is mostly calm and more predictable.

Fishing techniques

Bottom fishing (Bulentin) – The traditional technique of bottom-fishing (locally called Bulentin) will land you a catch of quality fish and grace your table with some of the tastiest fish in the world. It’s 2-3 hooks used with a natural bait or a living fish which is dropped on the ocean bed, which then stays there by the help of a sinker.

Trolling (Pendula) – The traditional technique of surface-fishing (locally called Pendula) will land you a catch of pelagic fish, from little tunny to bonito, barracuda, mackerel, amberjack and mahi-mahi.

Big game fishing – A boat with special heavy equipment is required. You can catch sailfish, bluefin tuna, bonito, little tuny and barracuda.

Spinning – recently popularized technique in Croatia, will enable you to catch a fish by casting fishing lures from the shore or the boat. The recommended places – rocks with good drop-offs, the lagoons of outer islands.

Jigging & Inchiku – Another Japanese, master technique proved to be very effective in the Dubrovnik area.

Sabiki – Mother of all known techniques and ultimate fun tool. Combination of Bulentin, Spinning, Jigging, it just covers it all! Proven to be the most effective technique for the small and even big trophies.

Fishing gear

A nylon line and a hook is the minimum to land a fish, but we suggest a decent fishing rod and a bit stronger braid. Adriatic Sea inhabitants are much stronger that river fish, they resist quite hard. Our best value for money pick is Okuma Eclipz 1.85m 50-100g rod and Okuma Azores Blue 5500 reel, in combination with 0.28mm Daiwa J-Braid x8 Multicolor line.

Fish species

Dubrovnik is the fishing heaven and its crystal clear sea is a home to over 400 species of fish and other marine animals.

Here are the most common targets:

Surface fish – mackerel, tuna, little tunny, false albacore, bonito, mahi-mahi…

Bottom fish – Dentex, gilt head, common pandora, black tail, sea bream, mullet, john dory, scorpion fish, amberjack, sting-fish, hake, sea bass, grouper, eel, moray eel, comber, perch, catfish, stingray…

Regulations & laws

A fishing license is required whether you fish from the shore or from the boat. To buy the license you must show ID such as an identity card or passport.

Both recreational and sports fishing are prohibited in harbors and small ports and on public beaches and bathing places from May 1st until October 1st.

Fishing is also prohibited in special reserves and National Parks.

The easiest way to obtain a fishing licence is online – Ministry of agriculture.

Let’s go fishing!

Come to fish in Dubrovnik! The exciting activity will inspire even beginners and become great entertainment for the whole family.

We invite you to check our fishing trips and book the date!

Adriatic Mackerel caught with sabiki

4kg Dentex Gibbosus caught with sabiki


  1. I will be visiting Croatia in April for 2 weeks. I love fishing off the beach or rock jetties. We will be staying in Cavtat and I understand I can walk to fishing area’s. My daughter has gifted me a rod (it folds up) and a reel. Can you advise what strenght line I should buy and anything else I should bring (lures, sinkers etc). Please advise how I should fish. I’m 80 years old but in great shape and want to catch and release the fish. I am only taking a small carryon . Please give me your thoughts .

    1. Hi Tim! Glad that you’ll be visiting us! 🙂 I would suggest you use light equipment and try really small jigs like Jigpara 15-20g. We usually use thin braid (up to 0.20mm) and fluorocarbon (up to 0.20mm). Its always to fun spinning/jigging with these inside lagoons for mackerel, saddled bream and maybe even bonito or little tunny if lucky 🙂 Let me know if you need more help and make sure to report me on your catch!;-)

  2. Hi,
    I’m going to Dubrovnik in June – do you have any recommendations for fishing agencies that organizes fishing tours in lakes or by the shore (no boat) near Dubrovnik?
    BR, Ida

    1. Hi Ida! Unfortunately there are no fishing charters in Dubrovnik that organise rock or shore fishing yet. We had that last year in our offer but the interest was not big for trips of that type so we cancelled it. Still, you can check other comments to see our recommendations on shore fishing in Dubrovnik if you want to do it yourself!

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